Friday, January 8, 2010

First Random Picture Post of 2010!!!!

I know, ya'll have all been waiting for another Random Picture Post...
hehe well even if you haven't here it is... I was putting pictures in one of my photo albums and felt like putting some on here...Enjoy~
Katie, Bethany, and Molly....Having it Their Way~
Taylor, a girl in our Teen Class at Church..
she doesn't like to have her picture taken....

My Little BK's just got Promoted to the Primary Class!!!!

OOOooo where did this come from...I think I was baking a cake or something(hence the Iceing)..and if I'm by myself in the kitchen then I'm probably singing...hehe

This week Katie had been saving her money and finally went and bought Betsy-Tacy Books!!!!We are so excited to finally have them, the Library had threatened to throw the books away, because they were so old...Now we have them at home, Oh to live in Betsy-Tacy books...I'm a Hopeless Romantic, I mean who wouldn't want a guy like Joe Willard? And to have a Crowd, that went everywhere with you, came home singing around the piano, making fudge...I do love them!


Lindsay said...

Fun post, Rebekah!! I really like that picture of you in the kitchen singing. ;) Oh, and aren't the Betsy-Tacy books the best? I love them all too!! :)

~ Blessings,

Brooke said...

Great pics!! I do the same thing in the kitchen by myself.....sing!!!! I've never read the Betsy-Tracy books, but they seem interesting!