Sunday, January 3, 2010

Catching Up..

My Daddy was just looking at my blog, and said did you know you haven't posted since December 31st?
He couldn't believe it..hehe
So now here I am, catching up...Let's see what's happened since last I posted?
A New Year...Can ya'll believe it's 2010???I hate coming into a new year, and writing the date down, I'm still writing 09'...I'll miss it...My Granny turned 81, Happy Birthday Granny!!!!! We celebrated at Olive Garden last night, after driving all day and attending a friend's wedding... I was pretty tired~
The Wedding was beautiful, it was so encouraging to see a Godly Couple who had saved their first kiss, and kept their selves pure for each other. Finally reach the exciting Wedding day!!! I wish I had took pictures, but sadly I forgot my camera:(
Let's see, today I had Children's church and decided to take some pictures... The kid's were very good today! Even one of the bigger boys, that usaully get's in trouble was perfect today...Mama told him after church that he was really good, and he said he was trying to do better..hehe Praise the Lord!
We played a fun game that all the kid's really liked, I posted some video's of the kids trying to play...the boys weren't as good as the girls..hehe
Tonight we had such a sweet service, several people gave testimony of how God had blessed them, Daddy preached on for the Cause of Christ and how everything we were gonna do this year in our Church was going to be for the Cause of Christ!
The Fundamental Three Sang tonight, our favorite song!!!! One Thing I Know...Katie took my camera and recorded us singing, it may not sound the best in the world, and we were kinda worried at the begining because we didn't have the words and we were afraid we had forgotten them~ But the Lord blessed.
Well I suppose I've caught ya'll up-to-date with everything, Have a Good Week!
newyearuno22.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Mama Frying the Chicken

newyearuno28.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Daddy and my Uncle Pete waiting to eat..

newyearuno29.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Molly handcuffing Bethany..

newyearuno3.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
We love old Jimmy Stuart Movies!

newyearuno17.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Rachael and Donnie

newyearuno13.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Time to play UNO Attack

newyearuno12.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor

newyearuno30.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
If only someone would change the color to green!!!!!

newyearuno32.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Donnie got tired of holding his cards

newyearuno14.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Katie acting crazy...I just can't help but laugh when I see this one~

mycamera20105.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Everyone at Olive Garden

mycamera20103.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Granny opening her presents

mycamera20104.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Blowing out her candles

mycamera201011.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Tyler won one of the quiet seat prizes!!!!

mycamera201012.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
So did Katlyn!!!!

mycamera201010.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Mama taught about the little boy who gave his lunch, she used bread and sardenes to illustrate...we dared the kids to try them, Molly and Logan were the only brave ones!!!

Click here to watch the kids play the game...

mycamera201014.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor
Craziness on the Van...

mycamera201015.jpg picture by jenniferleetaylor

and I'll post the video of us singing's late~

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