Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Very Special Testimony

This is a story about a little boy, who was the oldest of his two brothers and one sister.
They lived in a rented Farm house, and were a poor family...God had a special plan for this little boy.

He lived a hard life, growing up...because his Daddy was a drunk.
His Daddy beat him, and his mama. This made the little boy very mad! Sometimes he would get in fights with his daddy, one day when he was 16 he got into a very bad fight...and ran away from home. Now a young man, he was very mad and bitter, he claimed to be an atheist and even said that man came from monkeys! He wanted no part of God!

He began to hang around the wrong crowd, and even considered dropping out of school. But one day a teacher, pulled him to the side and asked him to please stay in school, to please try and make something of his life. He had great respect for this teacher, and worked hard to graduate.
He moved back in with his family, but still refused to talk to his Daddy...

One day he decided to date a very pretty girl, who had gone to high school with him.
This girl went to a Presbyterian church, during a Revival she asked her boyfriend to go with her to the service that night. The preacher...( who just happen to be a Baptist preacher) was preaching on Heaven that night. The young teenage boy that had gone just to be with his girlfriend, was listening to every word the preacher said. He's heart was melting, the conviction was there, he could barely stay in his pew. The preacher preached on how wonderful heaven was, things this young man had never heard! The service ended without the young man going forward, without a decision being made.

But the words that were preached that night stayed with the young man, he couldn't sleep, couldn't think... He had so many questions about God, Heaven, and Hell.

His girlfriend told him he needed to get saved, but she herself couldn't tell him how.
After weeks of asking, worrying, and conviction... The young man's girlfriend told him to go see her Brother-in-law, who was a preacher. So he finally went to the preachers house, there on his living room floor the young man knelt and asked the God that he now believed in, to forgive him of his sins and save him!

He asked his Daddy to forgive him, and he told him that he loved him. His daddy didn't understand...but he never beat him again. When he was 19, he felt the Lord calling him to preach. He at first ran from this, he had a dream of making money...and he was afraid the Lord would send him to Africa! So he ran...but the Lord wanted him to preach, and so after the Lord showed this young man, that he was God. In the Hospital this young man realized that he couldn't run from God's will.

So he surrendered to preach, where ever, and whatever God wanted.
When he was 21 he married his high school sweetheart, and started a life together...serving the Lord. His wife wanted children very badly, but Doctors said she couldn't have any, it would have to be a miracle. After nine years of praying, and treatments after treatments, and doing all they could do, they went to a Great Man of God and asked him to anoint them with oil.

This Man of God prayed over them, but told them that they must leave it in God's hands...if he wanted them to have children, then nothing could stop them from having them...but it may not be God's will.

So this young man and his wife finally left their desire for children in God's hands,
and just a couple months later, a miracle occurred. They were blessed with their first child.
God continued to bless, souls were saved, and five years later God blessed them with their second child. Year's passed and the Lord gave them two more bundles of joy,
giving them all together four beautiful little girls.
After 19 years of praying, His daddy finally walked the aisle of the young man's church and recieved Christ as his Savior!!

Through this Man of God, many souls were brought to Christ.
Many lives changed, Young men called to preach, Many children brought to church who have no family to bring them. He is a missionary in his community,
a respected, humble, Man of God.
Without this Man I would not be here, I would not be saved, I would not live in a Christian home. I love this Man! Because the story above, is my Daddy's Testimony.


Amber said...

Thats sweet!!!!

Megan G. said...

Oh, what a wonderfull testimony! Thank you so much for sharing it. Isn't it just amazing how God works things out for His glory?

Katie said...

Aw, amen! That is so sweet!

Mrs. Naomi said...

What a wonderful testimony to God's amazing grace. Thank you for sharing it!