Friday, November 13, 2009

~~~Random Randomness~~~

Hello, I'm Back, did ya miss me? hehe I know it's been awhile... I have actually been doing this post for a couple of days..I am finally posting it!
So far Jennifer and Katie have done this little random origanlly came from Brooke, she emailed it to me, so thanks to her, we all get to do this post~hehe... I'm sure someone else has already done it, too...So Now
My Turn!

Where is your cell phone? In my Purse...probably dead...Everybody is always getting on me for letting my phone die..sorry~

Your significant other?He is somewhere, doing something, I just don't where...but I think about him and pray for him, and dream about him...and hopefully someday soon we will be together.

Your hair? curly, light brown..I actually just got some blondish,brownish, redish looks alittle different...

Your Mood?Tired..Daydreamy...if that's a word~

Your favorite thing?Campmeetings...Revival's...Fellowshipping...Materalistic favorite thing...Fingernail polish...I love doing my's something I rarely do..but I love taking time to relax and just pampering myself...I know I'm terribly wicked, aren't I?hehehe

Your dream last night? It was a very Random dream, Jennifer was married and she called him on the phone...we were at The Sword Conference at Gospel Light... a girl we know named Carol was there, and a guy we know named Ben was there...they were talking about The Crown College...Bethany got sick in the Hotel room~ ewww~ I had a super cute outfit was Purple my favorite color! and at the end we were all going down the hill toward the gym, and I saw Paul Shinn...told ya it was random!!!

Your favorite drink? Coke...Sweet Tea!!!!

Your dream/goal? To be Happily married to the one God has made for me, the Love of my life..and to have a family...serve the Lord together....raise the next generation of warriors for Christ!

What room are you in? The Living Room...on the blogging place...

Your hobby? Blogging, Photography, Knitting, Playing and Teaching the Piano...

Where do you want to be in 6 Yrs? Let's see I'll be almost 25....Lord willing I'll be married...serving the Lord with my husband...where ever he sends us.... and Lord willing I'll be a mother!!!!

Where were you last night? Church...We had a good service, Daddy preached on Praising the Lord!!!! We had a Praise and Worship service..hahaha~ you know what I mean!

Something that you aren't? Like Katie I am not Tall...I often get ''your 15'' or ''do you still wear children's clothes'' it can be alittle irratating! Though I'm only 5''s okay...enless I marry a midget, I wont have to worry about being taller than my man!!haha

Muffins? Chocolate Chip, please!

Wish list item? Okay on the top, I can't's my man! I'm not totally consumed, it's just always on top of my Christmas list~hehe

Last thing you did? Sweep the yard...where I'm from that means Rake the yard..don't know why everybody says sweep...we call a rake, a Yard Broom...hence, sweep the yard. Anyway that's what I did, with all the rain down here, we haven't been able to clean up the that's what we did!

TV? We watch dvd's, we have one of those new boxes, but all they have on there is the News and such...and the News usaully depresses me! So I stick with Andy Griffith DVDs, Road To Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables, Old Movies..especially Cary Grant, Jimmy Stuart, Gary Cooper, and good black and white classics, I occasionally watch a basketball game with Daddy and Jennifer...But I'm lost when football's on.

Your pets? We have two dogs, and a cat...but technally there not mine~

Friends? Jennifer, Katie, Bethany, Sarah, Donnie, Megan, Sarah K., Brooke, Dave, Mrs.Melodie, Mrs.Karen, Mrs.Glenda, Jesse, Rachel, Paul, Ben, April, Jamison, Andrew, Jared, Rebecca, Jason, Tabitha, Rachael, Termite(Yes He is a person), Taylor, Lot's of Blogger friends...and people that I just randomly love...My Church...Other people in my family...

Your life?Fun, Kind of Crazy~

Missing someone? Always...

Drinking? I'm a Cokeaholic!!!! I admit it, they say that's the first step to recovery!

Smoking? Ewwww...fill my lungs with black goo...No Thanks!

Your car? Had a 88 station wagon...But I gave that hot rod up!...Sold it, so my dear Sister could go to California...tear~

Something you're not wearing?Good one Katie~ I'm not wearing a Ring, either...on my left hand....hmmm....

Your favorite store? Walmart... and Goodwill> that's where I buy most of my clothes!

Your favorite color? Purple~ then Sky depends on my mood;)

The last time you cried? A week ago, an old man died at the still brings tears to my eyes! I couldn't believe was so terrible to sit and watch someone die, right in front of you!!!
and No one seemed to care!!!

Where do you go to over and over? Church...Mcdonalds...Walmart...and Goodwill!

Favorite place to eat? El Taptio...I love Mexican Food! But When I can't afford it, Mcdonalds!!!


Katie said...

Loved your answers!! I got told all the time that I should be happy that I won't be taller then my guy, but there are guys shorter then me. LOL And yes, a ring on the left hand would be so very nice. ; )

Maggie said...

lol, loved the answers! People always bug me that I let my cell phone die then don't charge it for a couple of days (usually cuz I can't find it!) Gotta love fingernail polish and doing the nails!