Monday, November 9, 2009

Are You An Ultra Crownie?

I found this weird quiz, a The Crown College quiz..
so for all the Crownies out there here's the quiz for you!
I took it just to see what kindof Crownie I'd be...I'm a Choir Crownie..I agree with part of the description, but the other half..I'm not the type to wear my skirt just below the knee...and all I care about is lipgloss...hehe. But other than that it was pretty true..


Anonymous said...

Thats a cool quiz! My answer didn't pop up though... You have a great blog!

Many blessings,

Sarah said...

Hey, I'm a Choir Crownie too!?!?

Katie said...

I got Choir Crownie too. lol And it did sound like me other then the skirt/lip gloss thing, I barely ever wear a skirt above my ankles and I barely wear lip gloss. LOL : ) Cool quiz, thanks for posting it.