Monday, November 23, 2009

Pray For Sarah

Sarah and Donnie at The Crown College Sadie Hawkins Day...
I told her it was kinda weird, ''Donnie and Sarah'' you know my cousins~

Hey Ya'll this is one of my friends Sarah K.,
with her guy Donnie.
I got some pictures today,
so I thought I'd share one with ya'll.
She goes to The Crown College, me and her have been friends since I was 14.
She is so great, we were texting today(something we do alot lately) and she was just talking about going home and some things that were on her mind. So I want ya'll to be praying for her, she and all the other Crown students will be going on break for Thanksgiving... she can't go home, so she'll be going half way to her Grandma's. Pray for a safe trip!
Well I guess that's all for today...


Brooke said...

That is kinda weird!! It happened with our cousins, too!! My dad's nephew and neice(on his side) are named Ryan Sarah. My mom has a neice(on her side) named Sara who just married a Ryan!! Isn't that weird???

Brooke said...

Also, I awarded you on my blog!!