Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah's Birthday Party

Hey Ya'll, Sarah had her party, on was a week after her Birthday, Because Sarah had something at school the week before. Anyway here's some pictures of her 18th Bday party!

Sarah with her Birthday Cake...we are getting so old now, Sarah that our cakes glow like the adults in the family. That's kind of scary!

Sarah pouring the Tea...I love Aunt Amy's Sweet Tea!!!!!

We had Hotdogs...Donnie had to get another Weenie~
Weird Picture~

The Fight for the Bunny Ears...Ahhh to be young again...

Sarah with her Money...

Sarah with her New Mp3 player!!!!!!!


Socks!!!! Trust me, Sarah did want socks...she loves them!

Okay, Twister time!!! The girls tried it...but we all wore straight skirts, so we decided to let Daddy and Donnie entertain us!

It became a very funny situation...and a very loud one, too.
Don't worry I thought of ya'll, here's the video of Donnie becoming very distressed, because Sarah was trying to make him fall...But he finally moved his hand on red!

After the Party...

We sang around the piano... Some Patch the Pirate songs, some Hymns, and just songs we love to sing!

Me, Sarah, and was a fun night!

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