Saturday, November 21, 2009

Basketball Season, YAY!!!!!

Hey Ya'll, yes it's finally Basketball season!!!! I love going to the games at Sarah's school, seeing old friends from elementry school, watching the guys play, and trying to do the cheers with the cheerleaders. Ah, fun times!
Last night, after I taught piano, me and Jennifer went to the first home game this year!
We met Sarah, Megan, and Everett there, and watched part of the girls game and all of the guys game...Sadly they both lost~:(
But still was a really good game, they fought hard to was very stressful!
Here's some pictures...oh and Sunday is Old Fashioned Day at church... my friend Dave says we have alot of special days at our church...hehe I guess we do...oh well I love it!

Get the Ball!!!! Oh No someone fell~


Good one~

Go Chargers!!!!!

Everett, Megan, and Sarah...I like Megan's Shirt...use that in a Sentence...

Here's a video of the Charger's trying really hard to win...

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