Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ernest T Bass Way of Life

I love The Andy Griffith Show...I often tell Mama how I wish life could just be like Andy Griffith!
In some ways it still is where I'm from...But I still wish and long for a life, like going fishing just as much as you can...walking down the streets in town waving at everybody you see... going to the drug store and getting an icecream... sitting on the porch late afternoons and singing and just taking time to realize how good life is.
Okay maybe I just live in a dream world, or maybe I was just born in the wrong time...
But anyway One special person I love in Mayberry is none other than Ernest T Bass!
So just to give you an idea of what kind of guy Ernest t Bass is...
First Ernest T knows how to Court his girl...
I mean who wouldn't want a guy like this?
And what's a man, if he doesn't have manners!!!

Well I know you are totally in love with him already...but this is just a glimpes of him!!! check out youtube for more Ernest T Bass...or just go'head and go crazy and buy the first season of Andy Griffith know you want, too!

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Lindsay said...

Oh, I love it when Ernest T
sings that song!! How funny! :D

~ Blessings,