Friday, February 5, 2010

Wow Only 2 More Days...

That's Right....2....I know ya'll are getting tired of these posts...hehe
I am totally excited about turning 19!!!! I just really believe the Lord has new and exciting things in store for me this year.
Goals I really wanna achieve this year, is becoming a better homemaker, a better cook, a better pianist, For I think at 20 I should kind of have these things pretty good...Mama was married at my age, and was very mature and responsible...I want to be like her in so many ways.
Mama is such a caring and compassionate person, she tries to love and take care of everybody.
She has always been a loving and submissive wife, and a caring, loving, wonderful mother. She is my Best Friend, I never feel like I have to hide something from her...she is so easy to talk to...I hope someday I can be a Godly wife and mother just like her...because she is the Best!!!!
Here are some of my pictures for the day...the first first day of kindergarten....I was kinda scared...and the girl beside was really mean...but I was soon rescued by a nice boy and girl, who were my friends all through kindergarten,1st grade, 2nd, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!
Second picture...Me and Mama, along time ago...I love you Mama!!!!

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Lindsay said...

I'm not tired of the posts, Rebekah!! I've loved looking at all the adorable pictures you've been sharing with us this week. How cute. ;)

~ Blessings,