Friday, February 26, 2010

4 correction 5 Months To Go!!!!

Today my Sister Katie informed me that today, starts the count down to the Sword of the Lord Conference...5 months away!!! Can you believe it? hehe
I do believe Katie is getting worse than me, with the counting down of days...I love to count the days too, but I don't usually start as early~ But since she reminded me I thought I'd post some pictures of last year at the Sword. Bro.Shelton Smith said last year was going to be the best Sword ever, and I can honestly say it was! The preaching seemed to be just for me, the singing was soooo good, the spirit of the service was great. Last year the Lord also put Jennifer and Jonathan together, the Lord really used the Sword conference to bring them together...and it was just a wonderful week. I guess I'm as bad as Katie, I can't wait till the 2010 Sword Conference,too!!!!

I love to hear Bro.Bobby preach, last year we were able to hear him at the Sword, and we were able to have him come for our revival. I enjoyed it!!!

I always enjoy Bro.Lou Rossi...and I always get interesting pictures of him~

This was a surprise...Bro.Lonnie Moore, Bro.Terry Lawson, and ...Bro.Joe Arthor...hehe Donnie said he started to go up and sing with them, that would have been funny!

Bro.David Chamberlain, playing for the Sword..I wish I could play like that!

The Gospel Light Choir....

Ben, Tim, Donnie, Rachael, and Sarah came on the last night...

My family...we love the Sword Conference!!!!


Brooke said...

Oh, I would LOVE to go to a Sword Conference, and I'm pretty sure my family would gets Sword of the Lord newspapers, they're good!!! What church do y'all go to??

Rebecca said...

That is awesome! I know the Rossis!!!! We kept their pregnant dog (Shasta) for a while when they first moved. They are such a sweet family. They used to live within 5 minutes from where I live now, and they used to go to South Haven Baptist Church as well! Very Cool!!

Covey Family said...

I had a couple of arrangements from David Chamberlain on my old MP3 player, he is an awsome player!!!
Glen Christianson is supposed to be pretty good too, but I don't think I've ever heard him play. I get some sheet music from his website-FUN!!!!