Wednesday, February 24, 2010

''What Happened to Sarah's Finger???''

I recently had a distressed comment from one of my follower's that was deeply concerned about the picture of Sarah...''What happened to Sarah's finger?''
Well I thought I'd tell the story of how this dramatic thing came to pass.
Now I can't tell it as well as Sarah, seeing as I was not an eye witness...and I can't tell it like Molly for she has her own special version of the story...soooo I'll only tell what I got from both versions.
A couple of weeks ago,when the wind was especially fierce....something we are not really used to in the south. Sarah was running at school, Sarah is a true lady and hardly ever runs, but on this windy day she was so cold and couldn't bear the wind. As she was running..(from Molly's version) the wind knocked her off her feet, she tried to catch her self....but the wind was so strong that she fell!! Landing right on her little finger....being the modest girl she is, she quickly straightened herself up...for people were coming out of class. It hurt so bad, she cried a little... But she thought that it might have just been hurt, But to her surprise...It was Cracked!!!!!!
And that is what happened to Sarah's finger...It is almost healed now..but She thinks it's crooked..don't worry Sarah, you won't be the only one in the family. Sarah is the first of all us kids to actually break something...I think Donnie was a little jealous.
Hope you enjoyed this post, Brooke....I can't believe I just did an entire post on Sarah's Finger.....hhmmm Who Knows what I will post about next???!!!!~


Covey Family said...

poor Sarah, glad it healed quickly though!!!!

God's Been Good said...

I feel so sorry for Sarah, but I still think that it is hilarious that the wind blew her down....hahahhahahaha...sorry, Sarah!


Lindsay said...

That sounds painful! I'm glad she's okay!! :) Oh, and I love the new St.Patrick's Day background, Rebekah. ;)

~ Love,

Covey Family said...

Poor Sarah, I'm glad to know it's healing quickly though!!!!

In Christ,
(the other) Sarah

Brooke said...

Thanks Rebekah!!! I'll pray for her, it sounds terrible!

Covey Family said...

oops, that's wierd, I was having trouble commenting that night. Did you get like a million of those?? ~haha~


again =D