Sunday, February 28, 2010


A Dream is a wish your heart makes...
Last night I think that was true, I had a wonderful dream....Why am I posting this, I do not know. I've been rather daydreamy lately~ Perhaps it's the books I've been reading, don't you hate when your reading a book and you wish you could be in the book. Well I'm like that, I just imagine myself in the book, like I'm on the Missionfield in one fighting the heat, and trying to win little children to the Lord...or I'm being rescued by my Knight in shining Armor... ''Ahhhhh''
Okay enough rambling, Sarah would tell me I seriouslly need to get a life...Sorry~

Today was an Awesome day in ''Awesome'' no I'm not going to California...
But we had lot's of visitors today, and two new little boys in me and Mama's sunday school class, Jared and Taylor...pray they'll come next Sunday, too. The Lord is truly blessing, just to tell those of you I know who have been praying. Oh here's something to add to your prayer list...I have been enlisted to teach Sunday School...Boh...Boh...Bohhhh!!! I have been a helper since I was 13, in children's church, anyone's sunday school class, that's just my ministry.... But a teacher I am not. For some reason Daddy and Mama have been making me step out of my little comfort zone lately. I have started my own Bank account, oooo I know.... ummm cooking more.... and now this, Teaching...ahhh I'm like I can't what if I say something totally wrong and confuse the little kids, or even worse what if one of the smart ones ask me some smartical question?????
Well of course, they know just what to say....''What if one day your husband starts a church and you are the only one who can teach a Sunday school class?'' They just love to take my dreams and use them againest me. lol
So I will be teaching Sunday School next Sunday for the first time in my life...please pray...I will definitely need it!

Well I suppose I will have to be done with this post, Jennifer has to check her email!!!! That is something she does alot...I mean you think after talking to a guy all afternoon, you wouldn't be in such a hurry to read a email...I'm kidding, I suppose if the Lord allows I will be 10 times worse. I mean you think about it, how wonderful would it be to know with peace in your heart that God had personally given you such a blessing. I mean with out a doubt, you know that you were brought together by God himself!!!! I hope that that dream of mine will one day come true...No matter how your heart is dreaming if you keep on believing...a dream that you wish..or (pray)...will come true~

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Lindsay said...

I really enjoyed this post, Rebekah!
Hope your Sunday school class goes well. ;)