Monday, February 8, 2010

The Lord is Good

The Lord has been so good, I just wanted everyone to know that! I know alot of people across this country are praying for me and my family everyday...And it is a wonderful thing to know that across the miles someone really is praying for you, That is my ringtone on my phone..Across the Miles. Anyway just to let all ya'll know, Thanks for the Prayers!
The Lord is really Blessing, and We can really feel the prayers and are really seeing them answered! I wanted to post a few of those blessings, and Give all the Glory to God for opening the Windows of Heaven!

One of our little Blessings that will soon arrive is....Baby Stephen!!! Only a few more weeks and we'll have a sweet little bundle of joy in the family, Yay!!!! Please continue to Pray for Rachael and Little Stephen...

Of Course one of our blessings is Jennifer's Courtship, this is a picture of her reading one of Jonathan's emails...she gets that loopy, happy look...hehe. It was a courtship truly brought about by God, and a true answer to prayer! Jennifer is excited to have her sweetheart at our Valentine's Banquet this year...So Jonathan will be coming down for that this week. Please Continue to pray for Jennifer and Jonathan...

Last Sunday we had Super Sunday! The kids and the helpers in children's church wore a team shirt, I wore my charger shirt and hairbow...We really had a Super Sunday! The Lord is blessing and is so Good, I am so happy and I'm so glad that the Lord saved me and gave me such a wonderful life! God is Good~

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