Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In God's Hand

In God's Hands, I'm in Good hands
My Soul is Safe and Secure
In God's hands, Sweet Assurance
It's Good to know I'm in God's hands
Sometimes it seems a Trial lasts too long,
It's scarcly past and I must face another one,
And when I've done the very best I can,
It's time to leave it in God's hands
I love this song, I've been singing it alot lately. It is so Good to know I'm in God's hands, and He's going to take care of me. Could you imagine Life out of the safty of His Hands? So many times we change and turn, but God doesn't, He's still holding firm...He still holds us safe in His hands. If I can only learn to just trust in that, trust that He has it all under control, I mean with all He has already done for us...why is it so hard to trust?

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bug said...

Thank you so much for that post! It was a really good reminder to me. :)