Saturday, June 13, 2009

Youth Rally

Yesterday was our 5th Annual Youth Rally.
It was our Best ever!!!!! Bro.Ben Webb preached an excellent message, about the young prophet who didn't choose the right thing, and how important it is to always do God's will, and live to please God. I really think that he preached what God had him preach, and that he lifted God up and not himself. The message really spoke to me, and I pray it really got through to some of the young people there. Our theme was ''Is Anything Too Hard For God?''

and the Fundamental Three sang the song... which is my favorite song. After the service was over, then we all went for Ice Cream. and then the night was over.... I was sad... and very tired.

Today we had a Yard sale early this morning and Made a few extra dollars for Youth Conference, which is next week!!!!!!
Well after the yard sale we had to get all ready for Andrew's Graduation, a friend of the family.
He graduated early, and he's planning on attending PCC in the fall. So please be praying for him, and be praying for Ben and his Family as they travel Home right now, and be praying for us on Monday as we head to Youth Conference! Oh I forgot, I made an email address for my blog, so if anyone would like to email me I just recently added it!
Well here's the pictures from our Youth Rally and also my Friday and Saturday Feminine Dress.

Our Biggest Crowd Ever!

Game~ Trying to fit as many people in a Hoola-Hoop as possible...Boys againest Girls...
Guess Who won?

The Girls!!!!!!!!!

My Daddy~

This is the Fundamental Three during Revival, I didn't have a picture and I had to do Feminine Dress for a week, So this is my Outfit I wore for Friday.

Skit~ Hillbilly Baptist Church...

Beacon Baptist Youth Choir

Preacher Ben

A Week in Feminine Dress


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Bea's World said...

I have the skirt yall are weaing when ur singing lol =) Love visiting ur blog. . . so encouraging. . .