Monday, June 29, 2009

My Testimony

I was just thinking I've never posted my testimony on my blog, I would like everyone to know about my salvation, and how the Lord Jesus Christ saved me from a life of sin and delivered me from hell. Donnie recently said something in a testimony in church, about how he used to think he didn't have much of a testimony, seeing as he never really lived in what you call deep sin, or anything, and was saved in a Christian home, but now he realizes he has the best! Like Donnie I was saved in a Christian home at the age of 4, I remember it very well. It was in the fall and we were having revival in our church, well after coming home late, Me and Jennifer got to sleep together that night, and like most little girls we started talking before we went to sleep. Jennifer asked me did I want to go to heaven when I died, I said yes. and she told me that Jesus died for me so I could go to heaven, and all I had to do was ask the Lord to forgive me of my sins(the bad things that we do)and ask him to save me. Well I remember praying in the bed beside Jennifer and asking the Lord to save me. When I finished I ran down stairs to Mama and told her all about it, she went through everything to make sure I understood, and I did. I'm so glad the Lord saved me at such a young age, because He not only saved me from hell, but He saved me from a life of sin and despair! I had so much faith when I was little, Daddy and Mama used to tell people if they wanted their prayers answered they should ask me to pray, because I never doubted God. Now I am constantly trying to build up my faith, like it was then. Anyway I'm so glad the Lord saved me, and he can save you, too. It is such a simple faith!
There is always room at the cross!

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Amber said...

That was such a blessing, Rebekah!