Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seven Royal Laws Of Courtship

As you all know I am not your normal 18 year old girl, and I believe that Christians should be separate from the world in everything. But so many times we let the world's conventional thinking slip into our churches. Especially in the Dating Area... We give our heart away, to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and then when our Prince Charming comes along we only have a little piece to give him and Tom, and Harry still hold pieces that don't belong to them. Though courtship is technically not in the Bible, and every story is different where the Lord brings couples together. I believe courtship is the most Christ honoring way toward marriage, and should only be entered when one is ready for marriage, and prayerfully considers who they enter it with.

The Book Seven Royal Laws of Courtship by Jerry Ross, is one of many good books about this subject. God has a specific person out there for you, but the devil will try and send his very best to try and distract you from God's best. The devil has tried to distract me, especially this year, and though some people say '' why not just go out with him a couple times, and then when the right guy comes along you can just drop him!'' that's not very Christian! I'm waiting for God's best and I don't want to lead someone on, or just have fun and run around with whoever, I want to save my heart!

1.By the Grace of God,I will marry the person God has created for me.

2.By the Grace of God, I will arrive at the marriage altar morally pure.

3.By the Grace of God, I will arrive at the marriage altar prepared to fulfill my responsibilities as a marriage partner.

4.By the Grace of God, our marriage will have the blessings of both sets of parents and our pastors.

5.By the Grace of God, I will have glorified God and maintained an unquestionable Christian testimony throughout my courtship.

6.By the Grace of God, I will give to my partner someone who understands and practices real agape love.

7.By the Grace of God, on my wedding day, I will be in a position to fulfill God's specific calling for my life.


Katarina said...

Thanks for posting this. The more blogs I read, the more young ladies I find that believe the same way that I do about courtship and it has been a great blessing for me to know that I am not alone when it comes to the idea of courtship over dating.

This booklet has also been of great help and has lived in my bible bag on and over over the past three years that we have owned it. It is also one thing I read when people question or ridicule me for choosing not to date.

Again, Thanks!!

Katie said...

Amen! Well, if believing that makes you and "un-normal" 18 year old girl then I'm one too! :-)

Bea's World said...

Great post. . . Biblical courtsjip has always been my desire, but like you I'm still waiting 4 the "one"