Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Week in Feminine Dress

Today we went to the church, to get things ready for the Youth Rally, practice our song, and get a few groceries.
I wore a dark denim skirt, with my shirt I got for Graduation. It is so easy to do things in dresses and skirts, I personally think if a lady can't do something in a skirt... she really shouldn't do it.


God's Been Good said...

Great pic, Rebekah! Very smart! Love the shirt!


Katie said...

I completely agree with that last statement. My Daddy taught me years ago that if I can't do something in a skirt then just don't do it at all. :-)

nay nay said...

Cute outfit!!
Love the new look on your blog!


Bea's World said...

Hi Rebekah! I'm independent Baptist too! You can visit my blog @

Great thoughts on cute, modest dress! =)