Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Only Two More Days..

Jennifer, Me, and SarahActing silly before the service tonight

The Whole Gang... except Mama, she's taking the picture.

Tonight Bro.Bruce Frye gave his testimony, and several young people came forward to get saved, It was such a Blessing. Then Bro. Kenny Baldwin preached on how we need to let God search us, and realize what an Awesome and Great God we serve, the alters were full, it was such an convicting and needed message. I can't wait till tomorrow!


Bea's World said...

Hey Rebekah! Ur welcome! Ur blog is really enncouraging and cute! Bruce Frye is always a lot of fun. . . and Kenny Baldwin, I love to hear him sing too. =) You might know my pastor. . . Jim Brown ( he was an evangelist for a LONG time lol) Anyway. . hope yall have a good time =)

Dave said...

In Oklahoma, we do not have many (maybe not any)Independent Baptist camp meetings. Lord willing, I am planning on going to the Sword of the Lord Conference in 2011. Is it the last week in July? I enjoyed the Plain View videos. No, I am in 11Th. How are you doing?


char said...

I just found your blog and think it is really great to see that Godly young people really do exist(outside my own church of course). In this world it just seems to be so rare. Just wanted to tell you I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bro. Baldwin!! You can not help be convicted when he preaches unless you are not breathing! He used to do our revival every year but the last few we have had schedule conflicts. I miss him but our youth has gotten to hear him at camp a few times. And yes Dave I am from Oklahoma. Our Independent Fundamental Baptist youth go to several camp meetings and confrences. Spiritual boot camp is one of their faves and it is usually in Tulsa.