Saturday, January 31, 2009

Next week I will turn 18 and again I'm not like other girls I don't long for this day.
I have always clung to each year not wanting to become another year older. Isn't that weird?
I remember I cried when I turned 13 because I didn't want to stop being a little girl.
But as each year comes and goes I realize I'm farther and farther from the carefree days of being that little girl.
I told Mama the other day that when I was little the verse''...For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time then vanisheth away.'' didn't seem really true- Not that I doubted the Bible - but things seemed to last soooo long and life seemed soooo slow.
But now I can clearly understand that verse. Life moves so fast I can barely catch my breath!
This past year has really been a year, for me.
But I think the Lord meant it for Good. There have been alot of things I thought I would never do, I could never do, that the Lord has helped me do, and alot of things I thought would never be over, or I just couldn't make it through, but the Lord has given the strength to make it.
I have learned sooo much this year and the Lord has given me many more opportunities to serve him.
Like when Jennifer felt God was calling her to go to WCBC, I thought,''She can't ! I can't play the piano for church, I can't teach her students!!!!'' I was terrified!
But God helped me overcome that fear, and now I love my students, and I enjoy playing for church!
Now that I'm turning 18 and ''putting away childish things'' I look forward to what God has for me. Though it's abit scary I know the Lord will lead my life when I can't see ahead, For He is the Forerunner and He knows the past, present, and future. Isn't that a wonderful thing to think about? Someone that loves you very much knows what your gonna face and what your gonna go through and He'll be there to comfort you, to give you strength to get through whatever it is, and He gives little and Big Blessings along the way like whip cream and a cherry on top of everything He's already done for us.
Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!


Sammie said...

Wow isn't it... freaky when we teenage girls get closer and closer to becoming an adult. As much as I dread it... I look forward to it! There are things I don't wish to happen once I turn 18 but there are things I can't wait for as well! Ah, such confusing emotions, lol!
Now I have to say I realized our birthdays were close but... wow! For your birthday to be so close to mine is funny! What day is yours??? Mine is the 15th, yay me, lol!

Rebekah said...

Mine's the 7th~
that is funny