Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trying to be Joyful in the Lord

This past year has been pretty STRESSFUL on me and my family.
If you've been to my sister Jennifer's blog then you've read all about it.
I've learned so much this past year and again I'm continuing to learn this year.
With so many things that have happened in our family and in our church, I've really learned that sometimes being joyful in the Lord is the only way you can be joyful.
I have a feeling this year is gonna bring even bigger things into our lives, but it's good to know that we are in God's hands and no man can pluck us out!

I want everyone to please be praying for my Daddy, being a Pastor is not an easy job.
If only everyone wanted to serve the Lord and work as hard as My Daddy and Mama, and if only everyone loved each other and got along with each other. Being a preacher's kid you see alot of things, and alot of people can discourage you, but I've never been so discouraged that I wanted to quit church or the ministry. It makes me want to serve the Lord even more. I know alot of preacher's kids who want nothing to do with the ministry when they leave home, they become bitter against everything that has to do with church. I've had preacher kids tell me I'm crazy because I want to marry a preacher. Maybe it's because their parents haven't been like mine. Whenever something happens in our church Daddy and Mama always remind me and my sisters that we are not doing what we are doing for people, but for the Lord. Because people will always let you down, or discourage you, because no one's perfect. But God will never let you down, He will never fail you, Isn't that great?

I want to encourage everyone to support their Pastor!

If he is a man of God and he is serving the Lord and trying to do right, then support him and his family. Encourage your Pastor's wife ! Pray for them! and remember what happened to the children who talked bad about Elisha... Shebears!!!

Honor the Man of God.


Sammie said...

Wow... if there is one thing I understand very well... it's how a church can face trials...

I love my church with all my heart. And my church has faced it's greatest trials (several actually...) this past year. But I feel as if through those trials I've come to love my church even more, and be thankful to God that He has been right there with us through them all, even if we are still currently facing trials! I can surely say my pastor is a man of God and I do pray for him often. I love him and his family. I love my church and my family. And yes, I am still praying for you all, I cannot express how glad I am to have met other Christian families out there - like you - who share a passion like mine for Christ. Thank you for the wonderful testimony you show and continue to be faithful to the Lord!!! :-D

Rebekah said...

Thanks your comment was very encourageing, thanks for the prayers as well.I'm so glad to hear that you pray and love your pastor and his family~
I'm sure it is a great blessing to them!