Monday, February 2, 2009

GSBC Bears lost...

Today I found out the Bears lost to the Eagles (WCBC), I was sooo sad, I'm a total golden state fan! Yes, my sister went to west coast... we are a house divided.hehe.But we are both Carolina fans~

Be praying for me and my family I think we are all coming down with something...
I didn't feel very good this morning, so Mama and Daddy said I could open one of my presents early!!!Yay!!

Guess what I got... Fireproof!!!!!!!!!!

So guess what I'll be watching tonight. I'm so excited!!

I hope it's as good as Facing the Giants, that's one of my fav. movies I've seen it so many times I know some parts by heart, and soo I can't help but say some parts out loud~ which gets on my family's last!

I'm sending out my Graduation invites this week. I've finished my senior year, sooo I'm gonna graduate the 13th of March ( Friday the 13th, oooooo).
I'm a little nervous but I probably won't make a big speech or anything, But I'll still have to walk down the aisle by myself. Scary!!!!

I've decided not to wear a cap and gown... I'm not a slave to conventional thinking.hehe.
I want to wear a really pretty dress with a wrist corsage, Do you think that would be weird?

Well I better get started on those invites.


Julianna Shaver said...

go for the wrist corsage, girl! that's so awesome that you're graduating all by yourself! That's what I did too! soooo nice, to be Valedictorian and everything! :D lol@ but yeah, make it your day! Have a good one! :)

Rebekah said...

Thanks... it is good to be the top of my class.hehe

Amy Fichtner said...

What a great movie!! I am sure you will enjoy it!!

Sammie said...

Firstly.... I LOVE Facing the Giants! That is an all time favorite movie of mine, plus my friend Kelly and I watched Fireproof the other night and it was great, made us both cry! lol And congrats on graduating this year! I do too!!!