Sunday, April 19, 2009

Patch The Pirate

Here's a quick post about my busy weekend, Me, Jennifer, Katie, Sarah, Mama, Aunt Amy, Rachael, Bethany, Molly, and a another lady from our church went to a ladies meeting and they had Patch the Pirate. It was so exciting! Growing up listening to Patch the Pirate, it was so unreal seeing him in person. It was a wonderful meeting, I always look forward to visiting the church that had the meeting, it is such a great church, they always go to the limit to make us feel welcome and encourage us.
Well here's some pictures of Friday and Saturday, check out my sister's blog for more pictures, tomorrow me and my family are heading off to South Carolina for a meeting, can't wait!

Patch the Pirate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie, Sarah, and Me

The winner of the pirate contest

The Church Youth Choir


Anonymous said...

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Familia Kanku said...

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