Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My First Cookware!

My friend April and her Mama gave a late graduation gift this week. I was so excited because this is some of the things I will need in the future. April knows and I'm sure anybody that has been on my blog enough knows, that I desire to be a Homemaker and to someday raise a family and be a Godly wife and mother.
So receiving this gift was an encouragement to me this week. This week has been a tough one, after hearing a very good sermon on Sunday night, and being convicted and encouraged. I was determined to have a great week and try my best to serve the Lord and be an encouragement. The devil has tried very hard to discourage me and my family this week, through many ways. But I've decided to keep pressing on, I have had a lot of talks with my family, how the devil is been this week, and at one point it's like,'' Why is the devil on me, and my family?'' Our church is so small and I feel like I could do so much more for the Lord. But maybe the devil just doesn't like Christian people being an encouragement, so he is out to stop us. But I'll just keep serving the Lord, and with a happy and full of life attitude, Live Joyfully in the lord.


Katie - Romans 12:1-2 said...

Oh, I love getting gifts like that! And I'm not sure if I am the only strange one who does this, but I love to look at every little thing my hope chest at least once a month. Reminds me of how God is preparing me for my future, both spiritually and physically.

Katie - Romans 12:1-2 said...

Oh, I forgot...I wanted to thank you for following my blog! :)

Daniel and Rachel said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog...I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) I always love hearing from new people. Do we have a mutual friend, or did you just randomly find me? :) And congrats on your gift...I'm sure it'll come in handyy someday. Are you planning to be married soon, or just planning for the "someday"?

Rebekah said...

Thanks for following my blog, too.
No your not strange, I don't have a hope chest, but I have several boxes of things that I take out and look at occassionally.Just to encourage myself and dream about useing them someday.
thanks for visiting my blog, I found your blog off of green pastures farm from your comment...
I'm not planning my wedding, I'm only planning for the "someday"... right now.

thanks again,ladies!!!!

Daniel and Rachel said...

Okay...Arthur and Camille (of Green Pastures) are my aunt and uncle. :) May God bless you as you wait for HIS timing, and the man HE'S chosen for you!! Believe me...it's all worth it! ;)