Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fishing, Snapping Turtles, and a Princess

(To get the whole fairytale effect, you must read this in a British accent)

Once upon a time...(like yesterday)

A young maiden, her 3 sisters, and her mother and father went a fishing in the royal pond.

They caught many a fish...

Some were bigger...

and some were smaller...

But they were all quite fun to catch!

Little fish were not the only thing to be caught that day...

For there was something much, much, bigger!

The LEGEND of the pond

It was an old snapping turtle, caught by many a fishermen!

Sadly He took the maiden's hook and broke her line,
but other than that I'm sure the turtle is just fine.

After fishing the maiden and her family came across a beautiful princess...

Who was on her way to a Grand Banquet...

Her beautiful Glass slippers were firmly in place,
she did not want to loose one at the banquet!

Her handsome escort bought her beautiful roses,

''It is almost time to leave'', said the Princess
as she sparkled in the sun.

Off to the Banquet!

The End

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Sarah said...

Hey Rebekah! That was such a sweet and interesting post! Just like a fairy tale! Very well written!