Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Do I Believe?

Here's my Second question, it's from Lee...Great post, Rebekah! I fully agree with you...I have a question. I noticed that you believe in courtship, if a guy knows that a girl is the one, when do you think that a guy should ask the girl to court him, and how long should a guy court a girl before marriage?Lee

Well Like I've said before no courtship is the same. Just like in the Bible God used different ways to bring different people together.I Believe that when the young man has prayed seriously about this girl and God has given Him peace that she is the one, and if the Guy is prepared for marriage and mature enough..then when the Lord shows him the right time He should ask to court the girl.
Me and my sister just watched a dvd called To Be One, it was a wonderful dvd about Honoring God in courtship. When the Guy knows that the Lord is leading Him to marry this girl, then like in this dvd, one of the young men said He has to do his share of pursuing, where the Lord leads him to pursue.

A big thing in Courtship is that nothing is done behind your parents back, in fact they are a big part of it! So when the guy believes he is ready and the Lord is leading him...then I don't believe there is a certain time he should wait.

I suppose I believe that a guy should not even think of going into a courtship without being prepared or prayed over and gotten a true peace that this girl is the one. As for the length of courtship before marriage, like I said every courtship is different. I believe the Lord will show how long the courtship should be...As long as you put God first and honor him through your courtship, He will lead you through it all.
Above is a picture of Ashley Baird, from the DVD To Be One
I really enjoyed Her Courtship story!

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