Thursday, September 17, 2009

Honest Things Award

Hello everybody!

This week one of my Blog Friends,Lindsay gave me this Honest award! Thank You Lindsay!!!!

So now I have to list 10 honest are the rules...
1. Say thanks and link to the person who gave you the award.Thank You Lindsay!!!!!
2. Share ten "honest" things about yourself.
3. Award this to seven people who's blog design/content you admire or who have encouraged you, and inform them of their win and of the rules of this award.
So here are my ten things...
1. I live in a three story the beach!
2. I have three older Brother's that I've never mentioned on this blog...they don't let me post about them, because they are soooo handsome that they think someone will stalk them!!!
3. I was married once...when I was was kinda tragic, because when I was 17 He got bit by a rattle snake and died...tear~
4.I was a mother baby found the same snake and like his father died too....tear~tear~
5. I won the lottery in my state last year...$10,000,000,000,000..How do you think I could afford the Condo?....
6. When I was 17..after my husband died a millionaire french guy asked me to marry him...I said no....I was still grieving....but he gave me a red mustang convertible...and $50!!!!!He was kinda stingy!!!!
7. I have a twin sister, actually the pictures you see on my blog are not me...They are her...I find her to take much better pictures than me...

Okay I hope ya'll all know I'm kidding!!!!! Here are my real ''Honest Things"hehehe
1. I'm a good story teller!!!hehehehe!

2.I dream every night..and most of the time they are sooo real ...that sometimes I think they really happened!

3.I used to think I would never be a pastor's wife...maybe a evangelist's wife or something like that, But now for some reason I feel like that's what the Lord wants me to be.

4.I love to speak with a British accent...

5.I don't like my real singing voice so I listen to different CD's like the Victorious valley girls, or Mrs.Epley and I try to sing like them....

6.I cannot clean a's gross!!!!!

7.My eyes are's true....

8.I love Blogging and I love my Blog friends!!!

9.I would like to visit Golden State Baptist College someday...It looks so exciting...and I just love Bro.Jack Trieber...
10. I get sick everytime I leave my State...vacation, campmeetings,'s not fun, I almost died when I went to Knoxville,TN one time...Fever of about 103,104....I only saw the outside of The Crown College...and that was the first time I saw my friend Paul Shinn...He was on the phone outside...weird...But Mama and Daddy got me a Royal Crusader Key Chain!!!!

Okay that's it..I hope I didn't freak ya'll out that much at the beginning...I'm kinda crazy sometimes...hehe. Now I have to give this award to ten of my Blog Friends!
So I award...
and my last one ...Amber at Joyful Homemaker
Alright ya'll don't have to do everything...But please except your awards!!!!!!
Thanks again Lindsay!!!!!!!!


Lindsay said...

Oh, that was SO funny, Rebekah!!! When I started reading your first "ten honest things" I was like, "What?!!" :D How funny! You are, indeed, a good storyteller. :) Thanks for doing the tag/award!

~ Love,

Maggie said...

When I first started reading your 10 honest things I was like married, lottery,...what? I laughed when you said they weren't true though.

{ jessica } said...

aw! thanks so much Rebekah!

Katie said...

Thanks Rebekah! : )