Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Do I Believe About Dress Standards?

Brooke asked...Dress Standards. Do you believe that woman should wear dresses and skirts or cullotes? I do! I also think pants would be terribly uncomfortable!!!
This is my first question so I want to answer it the Best I can, with the Lord's help.
Yes, I believe that Ladies should wear dresses and skirts. I believe that the Bible clearly states that we should not wear anything that pertaineth to a man, and it tells us we should wear modest apparel.Deuteronomy 22:5KJV..People say that does not apply for today, I believe every part of the Bible applies to our lives.
So many ladies are Blinded by the world's dress standards, that just because they put a tag on a man's clothing and say it's for women...we quickly buy it and conform to their style. Really in reality most Christian Ladies that wear jeans and capri's or even loose slacks, would be shocked and horrified if they saw a man walking down the street in a ''man's bluejean skirt'' and yes they have them... But how can you argue with them, when it clearly says that it is made for a man.
I believe that dressing in dresses and skirts is modest and without a doubt clothing for woman, and it is a wonderful testimony because of my attitude and the way I dress people often come up to me and ask if I'm a Christian, or what church do I attend? I have spoken to ladies that wear pants and they wonder why people don't ask them the same, I suppose it's because they look like the rest of the world, they do not offer something different.
I don't mean to criticize any of you that wear pants, and I do not think you are a wicked person... I just wonder why this is so hard for supposedly Christian ladies, we are supposed to give our all, even our way of dress. Why would we not want to do as much as possible to please our God? To look our ultimate best?
There are several books that have helped me and my family...One I was reading lately is just a little Booklet by John and Donna Biship called What's the Big Deal about My Clothes?... if you don't agree with something I said or your struggling with this area, I really recommend this book. It talks all about how our Clothes have such a witness to this world. For those of you who say I'm just not Convicted...then you should really read this book. I just want to please God, in my dress, in my attitude, in everything...that is my ultimate goal.
Oh and Brooke, I used to wear pants when I was a little girl and your right, they are very uncomfortable! I wouldn't trade my skirts and dresses for a pair of jeans any day!
I also believe like I said before, In reality if a lady can not do something in a skirt or dress modestly...she shouldn't be doing it at all.
Well if anyone has any more questions please leave a comment!


Jennifer said...

You really made me think on this post!! Specially the part on man skirts..i had never thought of it that way before! Thanks for the thought provoking post:) God bless

Emii said...

I respect your opinion -- of course, LOL :) But I definitely have a different one -- I see nothing wrong whatsoever with us girlz wearing jeans and tracksuit pants and everything.

I believe that Christianity isn't a religion -- it's a relationship. Paul (You know, the guy in the new testament that wrote all those letters) talked about this a lot...


Rebekah said...

Hello Emii,
I just wanted to correct you on something. This is not my own opinion, I believe it's scripture.
it's not religion, it's Bible.
Paul also said,'' In Like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety.'' 1Tim.2:9 I believe you cannot be modest in a pair of pants... you think about it what do you see the outline of... I even look carefully before I buy a skirt I do not want anything to outline certain areas...Your right Christianity is a relantionship..and I want to do everything in this relantionship to please my God.
Thank You for your Comment.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rebekah! I fully agree with you...I have a question. I noticed that you believe in courtship, if a guy knows that a girl is the one, when do you think that a guy should ask the girl to court him, and how long should a guy court a girl before marriage?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this post really made me think!

Brooke said...

Thank you! I totally agree with you! I'm sorry I haven't been checking your blog for awhile, I've been a little busy in the past few days. Thank you again for answering me on this! :)