Thursday, September 24, 2009

Precious Memories...

Hey Ya'll, today I wanted to relive some old memories...I had the best childhood a girl could have, I must warn you I was a crazier child than I am now...I talked constantly and always had a smile! I was almost always surrounded by my Best friends...Jennifer, Donnie, Sarah, Katie....then a little later came Bethany and Molly. We always had the Best times together, we still do! Here's some pictures from the past~
Jennifer, Sarah, Donnie, and who do you think the Crazy girl in the back is?....hehe

Me, Sarah, and Donnie all dressed up!

Me, Katie, and Sarah...hmmm I don't recall this picture...But I'm sure we were playing something crazy!

I call this our 1800's picture...Jennifer, Me, Sarah, and Katie...all dressed alike for Easter of 1996 I think....

Ahhh...the toothless seems like yesterday...Me and Sarah looking cute....

Me and My Mama....I do love her!!!!!

Me, Sarah, and Jennifer with our Papa.....We loved him soooo much!!!!


God's Been Good said... I miss those days!

Love, Jennifer

Lindsay said...

Oh, how sweet, Rebekah!! :)

Maggie said...

I love looking back at pictures! I like seeing how much me and my brother have grown and changed and its always interesting to see your parents glasses and hair when you were I the only one who finds that interesting? lol

Ashley said...

What a creative post! I love seeing baby pictures of people!

This was an enjoyable post, Rebekah! Thanks for sharing!!