Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day of Chaperoning~

Today I had the pleasure of being a chaperon for my cousin Donnie and his girlfriend Rachael. It was quite fun! Donnie and Rachael attend The Crown College and this weekend they had a fall break, soooo they rode halfway with one of Donnie's friends and then we met them , ate at Olive Garden ,and Me and Katie rode the rest of the way home with them .Luckily they were easy to chaperon(No mushy stuff) so we played road games and talked and Donnie acted like a maniac (but still remained a safe driver)while us girls laughed and took pictures, speaking of pictures here they are...

Donnie and Rachael

Mama and Daddy

Donnie pumping some gas that's below $2.80!

Me and Katie~

Donnie acting crazy for like a split second on camera~don't look away or you'll miss it! Warning it's a bit Retarded~

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Sammie said...

Oh I am so glad you posted to my blog so I could continue to visit yours! I was actually a little concerned you were upset with Kelly and/or I -lol- but thank you for keeping me in contact!!! I really enjoyed your photos by the way in the last couple posts!