Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's Happened To Barbie Dolls?

Today my little sister Bethany did something to beautify America or at least the Toy world of America!
Have You seen how Barbie Dolls and even other baby dolls tend to look now?

When I was little I remember looking at the Barbies with their frilly dresses on and their cute little high heels .

Now I get disgusted when I go down the doll aisle in the stores.To tell the honest truth they look liked ,well.. they look like sluts.

Look at them if you saw a grown women or a teen girl walking around like that , what would you think?

Why would we buy dolls like this for our little girls?

Barbies are not the only doll- some dolls you can tell by their names, such as Brats and My Scene Dolls .These toys are just dolls created by the world to show our girls how to dress, how to show your attitude ,how to flirt, how to be liberated and feministic, and how to wear makeup and dress like a Harlot!

Today in Mcdonalds we had all sat down to eat ,after praying over our meal, my 11 year old sister Bethany looked at her toy from her kid's meal . Well it was a Barbie or My Scene doll or something like that (you know what I'd call it) she was some kind of skater.She had short shorts and her top showed her entire stomach and she had little roller skates and a horrible look on her face. Well, Bethany was disgusted with it and so she asked Daddy and Mama if she could take it back, they said yes.

So Bethany went up to the lady behind the counter by herself and said'' Can I have a Barbie with some clothes on?''

The women (probably startled) said''Um yeah that's right, she doesn't have any on, let me see.''

Then she tried to find another one but she brought Bethany a bracelet and said''Sorry but none of them have clothes on -''

So Bethany came back with her bracelet(that she liked better) proud that she had stood for something and made a point.I told her she should have asked for a boy toy-HOTWHEELS-

that would have been even better!

Well I guess what I 'm trying to say is next time you buy a Barbie for someone


Proverbs 7:10+27

And , Behold, there met him a women with the attire of a harlot, and a subtle heart.

Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.
On the side I posted a video of a Barbie commercial I don't agree with the music
but this will explain what I'm talking about.

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Ashley said...

How neat to hear that Bethany took a stand for what's right! It is so encouraging to hear that there are younger girls understand what it means to be modest and how their appearance does affect those around them.
You are right about Barbies, Rebekah. It is so very scary to think about what our culture could possibly be like in several years... especially when you have toys depicting unwholesome living.