Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Back...

Hey Ya'll, I'm back! Thanks for all the prayers, I am better... and my Granny is just a little bruised. I couldn't talk yesterday, it was really bad....I couldn't stand not being able to say the littlest things. I'm still coughing alot so not sure if I'm going to church tonight, it's actually really cold outside and rainy... will see.
Jennifer is back which I'm sure ya'll know that, she had a great time...And then she had to come home to all this,'s breaking.... hehehe I think our family is cursed....just kidding. Another bad thing is since my voice is coming and going, I was really looking forward to singing at a revival this week, a pastor called and wanted me and my sisters to sing one of my favorite songs ''I have been blessed'' as a special....Ahhhh that's the one thing I hate about getting sick is when you can't in the car or at church it's like ahhhh.....Anyway....
it's been an interesting week!
On the plus side, while I was sick I got a phone call....and two little girls want to start piano next week!!!! So I'm looking forward to teaching them! Hopefully my voice will come all the way back by then.
Sunday is our Fall Festival Sunday!!!! I'll take lot's of pictures, and post them!

Just to make you laugh, this a is video about Bible college relationships....It's actually not a good thing, but sad to say it's true,our churches and colleges have become slaves to the worlds conventional thinking! It's a funny video, I hope if you do go to Bible college your there for the right reason and not there for the Freshman Relationships. Remember Save your heart for that one God has made for you....God will lead you in their paths at the right time, you don't have to date everybody to find that perfect relationship!!! God Knows Where You Are...and where your future mate is... He'll bring you together!


Lindsay said...

Glad to have you back, Rebekah!! I hope you get your voice all the way back soon. :)

~ Love,

God's Been Good said...

That is so true, Rebekah! It's sad that so many Christians fall prey to the world's way of finding someone! Great post!