Sunday, October 18, 2009

Country Fall Festival Sunday!

Hey Ya'll, Fall Festival Sunday was so great!
The Kid's had a fun time, they played games, ate fried chicken, and got lot's of Candy!
It was really cold....But the kids didn't seem to mind. Here's the Pictures of our Country Fall Festival!

Sarah and Me in our Country Duds...

Mama won 2nd place in the Pie Contest!

Rachael won first place in the Cake Contest!

UncleDon and AuntAmy giving out Popcorn...

Bethany and Molly

Me, Sarah, and a girl from church, Taylor at the Plinko Game!

Dylan...with his bag of candy!

It was really Cold.....bbbbuurrrggghhh!!!

Don't Get Zappppeeedd!!!!!!

Golf Ball Race!

Sack Race....and they're off! Who will win????

Katlyn's the winner!!!!!!

Duck pond..aww aren't they cute?

The Kids playing the games...

Donnie with his fried chicken, he's glowing....he's an angel!hehehe

Everybody Eating

Me and Michael(one of my favorite buskids) He hasn't been in such a long time, he moved and I was sooooo excited to see him today!!!!!!

Jennifer and Will...isn't he a cutie?

After all the Kid's played....The older people got to try some of the games...
Sarah trying the Ring Toss....

Daddy in his Country Duds...


Maggie said...

That looks like alot of fun! Carnivals are so much fun! The pictures are really cute! Thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

I'm glad you had such a nice time, Rebekah!!

Do you live in a small town??